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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Crafts from Around the World

Plan on attending the annual Crafts from Around the World Event
Saturday November 22 
10:00  am - 2:00pm
Trinity Covenant Church
7 Clematis Road
Gifts that give back, to people living in with disabilities, or poverty here in the US and around the world.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Gift that keeps on giving!

Kisoboka - It is possible gift cards.
Make a donation in someones name, with a gift cards.
Some suggested donations 
$1000 set up a  family business.  
$300 provides sponsorship for a child.Provides  their school fees for a year, their entire families health care for a year.
$25 purchases a blanket or mattress
$10 a mosquito net or pair of shoes

If what you would like to donate is not on the list let me know, we can probably arrange it.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sponsorship the hope and the future

Kisoboka- It is possible! 
We are changing the lives of children and their families.   358 children  attend the Christian Mission Academy.  There are 28 students attending Senior 1 high school.  We have 5 children in training or starting training.   I round up  the number to ~400 it continuously fluctuates.

We are seeing the children's dreams coming true!!!  2 Candidates for Senor 2!   Not one parent, I've talked with had ever achieved this!  2 young men finishing up Mechanic Training!   They never dreamed they would be worth anything,  they both thought their future was hopeless.  They struggled in school and never felt worthy.  This visit one of them thanked me for believing in him, he is now repairing cars and being paid to do it!

Sponsorship is the primary source of funds that provide for all the children.  The sponsored childs  school fees/training are paid, they and their family all have free health care. More important than the fees and the healthcare children now have the ability to dream and see a bright future.

 The goal to have every child sponsored in NOT unrealistic.  I believe in our collective network there are ~ 200 people, clubs, churches, Bible Studies, Youth groups etc.... that could sponsor a child. Sponsor a child and watch their lives change.  Loving a Village one Child at a time!!!

$25.00 a month is not difficult, $6.00 a week.  Less than a cup of coffee every day, less than a bottle of wine a week, less than going out to a restaurant.   A group of 5 everyone giving $5.00 a month.  KISOBOKA-  It is possible

Friday, October 17, 2014

My 7th visit to Uganda

I have been home a week today.  My visit was as usual very powerful, I’ve spent the week reflecting on it.  The team had traveled for more than 24 hours, God gave us the energy and strength to hit the ground running.
The team of 8 the gifts and talents a perfect blend.
·         Cameron (Cameroon)- had the children singing and dancing where ever he went.  Our team Rock Star
·         Jeff- prayer warrior
·         Gale- prayer warrior and spontaneous speaker
·         Nancy- taught social studies
·         Victoria- Physical therapist and sex education teacher fo both the girls and boys.
·         Pastor Chris – pastor and mentor, sex education teacher for boys.
·         Todd- longtime supporter of many young adults education and small business startups
·         Sandy- mom to the children of Bakka
Day one of our visit we attended a bazaar in Bakka.  We purchased fresh fruits and vegetables we would have during the week,   plantains, bananas, sweet potatoes, Irish (white potatoes) eggplant, cassava, tomatoes, avocados and more.   Crafts handmade mats, baskets and more.  Cameron (Cameroon) started the week teaching the children a song they would continue to learn and sing for us the end of the week.   We danced and sang together it was a day of celebrating.
Day two we attended Jesus Power Church in Makindye.    The worship team rocked!   Break every chain was my favorite.  Pastor Chris gave a powerful message.  It was a wonderful service. 
Sunday evening the sponsored youth had a dinner to recognize Todd for all the blessing he provided to them.  They presented a plan to pay it forward.  It was an amazing evening.
Monday – Thursday we were with children in several schools and orphanages.  Schools and homes for the children HIV positive that were throw away kids.  School for the blind, and schools for the poor.  Every school/home we visited the children were filled with joy and Thanksgiving for what they had for what the future would bring.
 Many of the people’s stories made me sad,  the story that broke my heart, hearing and seeing the child that had been thrown from the back of a boda boda.  She was a baby and left to die, God saved her by sending a family to provide for her.  The family providing for her has very little themselves but share it willingly.  She is now ~ 3 her age. 
The entire team answered where they were called providing Love, support, prayers and promises for a better future.  We never lost our energy, we were filled with the Holy Spirit. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Uganda Bound!! - I am so HAPPY to be returning to my Ugandan children

    Uganda bound- Our schedule is aggressive!
    Thursday we leave Boston ~7:30 pm
    Friday we land in Entebbe ~ 10:30 pm
    Saturday- Bakka Bazaar, Community gathering and borehole dedication
    Sunday - JPC and a Celebration with the 30+ children that have been sponsored for their college education
    Monday- Bakka teaching classes, Pastor training and home visits
    Tuesday- Mukono Orphanage visit and Shalom School visit
    Wednesday- Jinga Orphanage visit (children and babies thrown away because they have HIV)
    Thursday - Bakka - goodbye celebration( most of the team start there journey back).
    Friday- Kisoboka Board meeting, with the entire board!
    I will be there a second week.
    Visiting Bakka and meeting with Zonta International club, Gathering For Hope Uganda group.
    Love, mom sandy nalongo gwoyogala

Friday, August 22, 2014

Experience Uganda - September 13th

Saturday September 13th (2) opportunities to  
Experience Uganda
12:00 -2:30 
6:00 - 8:30

Come experience the beauty and love of Uganda.  It is amazing how powerful the LOVE OF GOD is in this poverty stricken village. The people of Uganda are resourceful.   Come and see what they make from sticks,  leaves and mud. See the toys the children play with, the mats they sleep on.     Hear the joy of their music and the power of their dance.   Experince a special meal the children have every Easter and Christmas

 I am deeply humbled every time I  visit.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kisoboka - my next adventure

Last Friday,  morning I felt in perfect peace.  I was praising God for providing a job that allowed balance and peace.  I was able to care for my family, do my job and work on my passion Kisoboka.  The transition to work from home gave me 2-3 hours back in my day, previously spent stressed to the max on 128 traveling back and forth to work.  I was now in a comfortable place.  I was praising God in prayer for this life balance.   
LOL - 1 hour later I was given notice my job was being eliminated.  When we land in Uganda I will be unemployed.  I guess God did not want me to be comfortable.  As God often does he pushes us out of our comfort zone.   He is answering a prayer and telling me to trust him.   My prayer has been to work full time for my passion Kisoboka.   My next adventure self employment.
Am I ready? NO
Am I prepared? NO
Am  I qualified? NO 
Am I trusting? YES. 
10 X's.

love Mom Sandy Gwoyogala