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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Kisoboka- It is possible! Loving the Village of Bakka

Just returning from my 9th visit to Uganda, the team I lead is different every time.  The work we need to do is different.  I am continually humbled by the families in Bakka, their lives are filled with endless manual labor.

Our visits  number one priority,  to identify potential sites for additional  Bore Holes in the 6 zones, that currently don't have a clean source of water.  This required us to go deeper into the bush than I've been in the past.    We met with families willing to donate their land for this gift to the village.  They are currently getting their water from stagnant puddles, no more than 8 inches deep. The need is so great and seeing their water source in person is overwhelming.  Picture on the side.

During the week we visited several families, helped a 15 year old girl with a baby find a job.  Visited several schools and gave out shirts and sweaters that were donated.  Held a deworming day for children and their families. Matt and Fred played a song they wrote at the deworming event.  We walked through the village and passed out dolls, balls, jump ropes and had fun with the children.
We were known by the children in the village as the sweetie van,  we passed out sweeties (lollipops ) from the van every day. When we saw a child on the road Matt, Fred and Julie would yell sweetie and toss them a sweetie.  All the children's faces would light up with the brightest smiles.  A sweetie is a rare treat.

On Saturday we brought 7 children that are in the 7th grade on a shopping spree.  These children's sponsors sent them money.  They were all given the money the sponsors sent they could spend it however they wanted.  They will be talking about this day for a long time.  All 7 purchase a new outfit and shoes and had money left over.   Why did we select only 7, we had to limit the number of children based on the van capacity, 7 with the team made the van 2 over capacity.
For all other sponsored children  we either gave  the money to the child  based on their age or we delivered it to their parents. 

We attended Church at New Harvest Christian Church.  We were reminded how dangerous the world is when we had to be scanned before entering the church.  I failed the scan, my bug spray can set off the detector.  We brought greetings to the church and Matt and Fred played the song they wrote for the children.  The church liked it so much they chanted for an encore.

Monday the children of Kisoboka Academy had a presentation for us.  They had traditional singing and dancing, put on a skit of HIV awareness.  Matt and Fred played their song for the assembly.  The children loved it and joined in singing and clapping.  

We wrapped up the week in the village meeting with the Chairman and the Police.  It is important that we keep them involved with the work we are doing.   It is important they support our work and we are on the right path meeting the needs of the village.

A week is never long enough so much more work to do.  So much more to learn,  I am already praying for our next visit.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Uganda here we come

Today we leave for Uganda. We request prayers for travel mercies, safety and good health.
I am leading a team of young adults that have never traveled out of the USAIt is going to be an adventure of a life time for themSome of the things we will be doing.

  • Visiting with many family and friends in Bakka, Makindye and Mukono
  • Deworming the village of Bakka
  • Visiting Kisoboka Academy and Shalom Restoration School
  • Attending  the wedding of Juliet and Kalvin
Pictures and posts will be coming!

Friday, June 5, 2015

June 15th Mission Trip - Leaving in 11 days!

Hello, Muli mutya; Supporters of Kisoboka!
Our Mission Team will be leaving for Uganda on June 15th.  We request your prayers for;
  • Travel mercies. We leave on Monday night around 9:00 pm and arrive Tuesday night at 11:00 pm. Returning on June 23rd around 11:pm arriving home on Wednesday the 24th around noontime.
  • Health protection
  • Safety
  • Our work to be a blessing sent by God. 
Many people have asked what is needed.  We provide a months supply of soap to every home we visit.  The cost is $20.00 a day, donations to help with this would be wonderful.
Lollipops- A donation  has been provided to purchase enough for the week!
 We would like to purchase or have donated 6 (deflated if donated) Soccer balls and basket balls.    The cost  in Uganda ~$45.
Sponsors, we still have some space in our luggage if you would like to send a small gift to your sponsored child please send it as soon as possible.  If you plan on send money please let me know how much so I can record it in the records I bring with me.  Thank you to all the sponsors that have already sent gifts and donations, they are all packed!

Thank you for all of your love and support!  It is an honor to go and bring love and hope to the village of Bakka and to our supporting team in Makindye!
 Nalongo Gwoyagala Mom Sandy :)

Friday, May 29, 2015

Count down 17 days!

Shots complete! Now to finish packing!

We will be attending a Ugandan Wedding!  We are all very excited to be attending Juliet and Calvins wedding day!    This weekend I will be shopping for a wedding gift.  :)

We will be doing many home visits and establishing our business model at  Kisoboka Academy formerly New Bakka Jr.  
The school enrollment tripled when the parents found out Kisoboka is now managing this school.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Count Down 19 days

19 days until we leave.  I am looking forward to this adventures so much  I am going to introduce Julie and Matt to our second family.  At least 198 families in Bakka and 15 - 20 friends and family in Makindye. 
19 days will go by in a flash!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

20 days until we leave!

Sponsors- please send your gifts   to me by the first week in June.(If you are sending one)  It helps me to plan our packing.
We will be bringing ( 8) 50 pound totes.

We are covered for our shots, Julie and Matt will be getting their shots this Friday.  Thank you to everyone that helped!

Many people ask what is needed.  Every trip we visit homes I like to bring a gift with me when I go.
I bring a reusable shopping bags and soap.  I usually spend about $20.00 per day on soap.  Donations to help with that would be wonderful.
We give out lollopops to all the kids every day.  The cost is about $10.00 - $20.00 per day.
It is much easier and more cost effective to purchase the soap and lollipops in Uganda.  They are cheaper there and they take too much space to bring with us.

Many kids ask for mattresses, blankets the cost is about $25.00 each.
Mosquito nets about $12.00 a piece
Bikes- $80 - $110 depending on the size of the child.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Why Uganda? Why not the USA? I need to rant.....

I am often asked "Why Uganda?  Why not children in the US?"    My answer,  I volunteer for agencies in the USA for children in the USA.  Yes there is a need.  Why are our children living in Hotels????  Why are our children Hungry?  We are a rich nation!!!  Why  is there such a great need.
 Really why are these children and families disposable?  Why are mentally ill patients looked down on?  IF the disease they were battling were cancer or many other terminal diseases they would not be looked down on.  UGGGG  if you are asking me why Uganda and not the USA are you working to making a change in the USA?   Don't judge me or my calling if you are doing nothing!  

 BUT as much need as our children and families in the US have ( and they are great!!!!)  I have NEVER seen children and families living in conditions that we would not tolerate for our animals.  That is the condition that every child, every family in Bakka lives in. Mud huts falling down, never enough food, walking for 3 hours for water.  The need of these precious children is overwhelming they are valued less by our world then our  USA trash.  In their own culture they are rarely referred to by name. Their own culture views them as replaceable.  Every child born into this world is a gift from God our Father in Heaven.  Every Child should be called by name!!!  Every child should know they were perfectly created by their Heavenly Father and He calls them by NAME!  Not just the rich privileged children ALL CHILDREN!!!
God called me to be the representative of the children of Bakka!  That is why my work is primarily in  Uganda and not the USA.  BUT disposable children and families in the USA break my heart  because in the richest country in the world there should be NO DISPOSABLE children or families.

I beg you do not question my calling from God!    But ask God where is he calling you, he needs all hands on deck NOW!
End of rant.  :)