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Friday, January 27, 2017

High School Students

Kisoboka Uganda Inc.
 2010- 3 children graduated from 7th grade. 2017 one of the children successfully made it through the 6 years of High School. Sr1 (8th grade) through Sr 6 advanced level of High School.
2011 - 5 children graduated this year 2 are still attending high school.
2012- 13 children graduated this year 7 are still attending high school
2013- 14 children graduated this year 18 are attending high school (we added a few new children.
2014- 21 children graduated, this year 18 are still attending high school.
2015- 22 children graduated, this year 18 are still attending high school.
2016 - 42 children graduated, we will be enrolling all of the children in high school next week.
The cost of supporting the children in High School is going up. Only 27 are currently sponsored. Please consider sponsoring a child, or we are going to have to turn some of them down. 78 Children in High School need to be sponsored, to help break the cycle of poverty

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Kisoboka Academy- running water

I wanted to share this wonderful news, with all of you right away.  Thanks to a very generous donation, made last year, Kisoboka Academy now has running water!  Picture attached. (not exactly the US version of running water but an amazing blessing to the school!!)

We also have an amazing donation of lap top computer!  The 7th grade students will have a computer lab!

There is so much more needed, I will be providing a list.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy New Year!

Dear Sponsors, Supporters and Prayer Warriors!

As 2016 is coming to closure, I want to thank you all for making so many dreams come true in 2016! Here are a few highlights from Bakka. I will be sending out a newsletter soon with updates on everything Kisoboka Uganda, Inc. accomplished in 2016.

 The year was filled with so many blessings, families had their prayers answered. Children are learning to dream about their futures, believing they can break out of the cycle of poverty. Kisoboka Academy has 460 students, with a graduating class of 52 students, we have our first High School graduate.  Next year we will have 100 students in High School.  The average education of the parents/guardians in Bakka is 4th grade.

Kisoboka Academy is in the final stages of receiving our Government certification.  This means that Kisoboka Academy will meets the Ugandan Ministry of Education requirements!  No other primary school in the village meets this requirement.
In addition Kisoboka Academy now has running water, electricity and a handicap ramp at the school!  There is still more construction needed, the floors are dirt in many classrooms, walls need plastering and the classrooms all need ceiling. These are goals to be completed in 2017.

In the community, 2 additional wells were built in the village, 6 wells in total! The villagers did not suffer during the extended drought this year.  They were blessed with fresh clean water.  Only 2 more wells are needed for every section of the village to have access to fresh clean water!

From January - November this year, Kisoboka Uganda Inc, provided funding towards medical visits and treatment for 1,504 children and parents. Total cost $7,455.00. The average cost of treatment ~$5.00.  No malaria deaths reported for any of the families in our support!

We provided extensive medical care for 17 children and adults. Some of the cases, Aisha had spinal tb, in April she could not walk, she now walking and will have spinal surgery in March. Whitney a young blind child was provided an operation and now has sight, Azid had a flesh eating bacteria, had a surgical wash and is now healed.  Sarafin had congestive heart failure and spent weeks in the hospital. Patricia has liver disease and is on treatment.

As the year ends our budget fell short by $6,500.  If you would like to help us start the year on track.  Donations can be mailed to Kisoboka Uganda, Inc.  7 Clematis Road Lexington MA 02421

I am looking forward to next years Uganda Adventure, Loving a Village One Child at a Time.  KISOBOKA!!!

Happy New Year!
love and blessings,

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Kisoboka Uganda, Inc.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
If All of my friends donated $20.00. We would finish the year strong!
 Making this years payment on the Kisoboka Academy. The teachers would be paid, health care provided for 460 children. Major health care for children with Spinal TB, kidney stones, congestive heart failure.

This Christmas Season could you spare $20.00 to invest in the village of Bakka?
Use the donate button to make a donation o
or mail a check to Kisoboka Uganda Inc. 7 Clematis Road Lexington MA 02421

 love, sandy

Friday, November 11, 2016

Kisoboka Academy

The school year is coming to an end. The 7th grade children celebrated the end of year and the end of their primary education. This is a major milestone in their lives. Most of their parents and guardians only attended school through the 4th grade.

 Thank you to everyone that donated dresses and shirts. Their graduation party was wonderful. I received letters and pictures, thanking everyone for the gift. Last week the children had their final activity as a primary student, the dreaded PLE (Primary Leaving Exam). The students were transported and provided food and housing to take this government required exam. Now they wait for the results, at the end of January.

 There are 52 students in the 7th grade, they all dream of going to High School. Only 12 are actively sponsored! The transport, food and housing, was not identified early enough for me to fund raise, for all the children to take the exam. The teachers and staff of Kisoboka Academy, voluntarily  were not paid last month, so all the children could take their primary leaving exam.

 Please consider sponsoring a child for their education. It is the only way to break the cycle of poverty.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sponsoring a child!

On third of Kisoboka Academy is sponsored. Whenever we go every child at the school receives a gift. BUT when you are buying for 463 the gifts are small. The children can easily see the difference when one of their classmates is receiving a back pack filled with gifts, a bike, or goat or receive letters with pictures. It is different and the children wonder why not me. Most newly sponsored children write to their sponsor. Thank you for loving me, thank you for choosing me out of all the children. I beg you please consider sponsoring a child. I promise you you will be changing their world. When they go missing someone will care enough to ask about them. Sponsorship helps to prevent and protect the children from human trafficking/ slavery. It is a significant problem in Bakka and every remote village. Children go missing and no one notices but the helpless mom or guardian. Every visit we are told of a child taken from the village. If they were sponsored we would know about this much faster.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Fall Mission Trip- Donations needed

We are going back to Uganda this Fall . What would we like to bring with us.
1. Backpacks They are on sale at Walgreen for $5.00 as many as possible
2. Dress attire and shoes for the entire 7th grade class (52 students) (sizes coming soon)
3. Aprons (8) for the beauty salon- Matching
4. Aprons (20) for Kisoboka Academy teaching staff- matching
5. Matching t shirts (20) for the teachers and staff
6. Small toys for the younger classes- dolls- trucks - activities
7. Pens, pencils and other school supplies
8. Medication
Childrens tylenol
Childrens vitamins
Allergy medication
9. Funds $10 per child for an event we are planning ~$4600