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Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 26 - Mission Trip Fund Raiser

Uganda Mission Trip Fund Raiser
April 26 6:00 PM @ Trinity Covenant Church - Lexington 
Come enjoy a meal, get an update on the amazing work God is doing at 
The Christian Friends Mission Academy- Uganda 
Meet the Team going in October.  
What is the cost ? what ever you would pay for a Saturday evening out. (Up to you)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

2 weeks back!

As my previous posts indicates my February visit was hard.    So many tough situations to witness.
It was mentally draining  for me, how was I going to take care of what God had presented me with.
I always loved the children and people of Uganda with the love of a mother.   This visit my love was more intense, my love was God's love.  Very humbling. My emotions were not explainable, so I prayed asking God how I could explain. He put Psalm 51 v 17 on my heart.   The sacrifice that is acceptable to God is a broken spirit,  a broken and worn down heart.    This verse explained exactly how I felt during my visit! 
DUHHHH It is not going to be accomplished through my skills and knowledge.  God was going to work through me.   God's  power is UNLIMITED.
ALL IN 2 WEEKS WONDERFUL CONNECTIONS MADE!  God has provided the right people at the right time to be the connector to get His work done!
1. Rachael - living in a bar scared and alone, is now living in a loving caring home getting wonderful pre-natal care.  She is having a girl,  
2. Vinencia's medical care  for her blindness evaluation funding  provided!
3. Daniel already receive treatment and care at Cure  International.    His mom is hopeful now! Follow up visit next week at a hospital closer to Kampala.
4. Angel's medical care for her deafness evaluation funding provided!
5. Discussion's on building another well started
6. Partner for community projects found and details being worked out. Three families will be blessed by this project. 
 7. The first year secondary students need uniforms and school supplies. $100.00 each 3 students provided for!

Support Request

Monthly medical bills are growing  ~~$500.00 per month. We will be deworming all of the children this month this adds an extra $160.00 to the bill.
Easter Dinner-   $1,200 to provide the children a meal at Easter. 
Sponsorship  - Currently 94 students sponsored we need 114 to meet our monthly budget.Difference is met through my fund raising efforts
Secondary student school supplies- $900 still needed

Sponsorship -  Answer to a question I was recently asked.
How I come up with the number of children that need sponsoring and why  does it change?
First my goal is to have every child at the Christian Friends Mission Academy sponsored.  Current enrollment  356.(down about 50 from last years enrollment) That would be $6,400 per month.  WOW what could be done with those funds!

The number of children we need sponsored is based on the budget commitment I make at the beginning of each school year.
The budget  pays the teachers salary,  provides a meal for every child and provides personal items for every girl. As we add new teachers or give teachers a raise,  make a change to the meals, the budget goes up so the  number of children  we need sponsored goes up.
Additions to this years budget
2 new teachers and added an Administrative role.
We now serve a meal of rice every Friday this one meal costs as much as serving the children porridge Monday -Thursday.

The sponsorship program is $25.00 per month.100%  goes to the child covering their school fees and free medical care for their family.  The sponsor receives pictures, letters and report cards from the sponsored child.
The sponsored child is proud to have someone in the US that loves and prays for them. They are happy to attend school.  
I will be visiting Uganda again early October,  I will bring small gifts to yo.ur child when I go. You will receive pictures of the child receiving the gift
Contact  Sandy Gannon if you are interested in sponsoring a child.

Prayer requests for big projects, guidance and wisdom on how to proceed.
Children walk to school 2 1/2 hours a day. We are investigating providing transportation. The cost to purchase a van $7,000.00  and pay the driver ~ $100 per month.  
To hire a van would be $500.00 per month.

Building the final building at the school Office- Library- Medical Center and Kitchen ~ $30,000
Fence around the school ~ $7,000

Friday, February 28, 2014

February Visit- A very tough visit

It is hard to believe we have already been to Uganda and back.

I interviewed 88 of the sponsored children.
Hard Facts
All 88 children I interviewed had someone close to them that has died. Mom, Dad, Brother or Sister.
This includes children that are 4 and 5 years old.  HIV, Malaria, Typhoid, TB are all realities to these children. 
One child had her baby brother sold, she did not talk about him, the pain is too much.

80% of the children I interviewed want to be a doctor, nurse or pharmacist. They want to build hospitals and pharmacies.   Many are praying their mom lives long enough for them to care for them.
It is the dry season, everyone in the village was dehydrated.  Sever dehydration is tough to witness, dry swollen lips,there hands were cold to the touch.    A couple children dreamed of having a bike to make it easier to fetch water.  Many walk for hours to get a couple gallons of water  from a bore hole filling a jerri can,  they carry on their head and walk another couple hours home.  How they still functioning is beyond my comprehension.

Not one child had a selfish dream,  not one child's dream was just for themself.

Home Visits
Interviewing the children ripped my heart out, how could so many innocent children have to deal with so much is incomprehensible to me.     Interviewing the parents made me feel hopeless. The parents are hard working and determined facing odds that would break most people.

Viste, 4 years old in the baby class.  His Grand parents care for him.  Their son died  and his mothered left to marry another man.Vinancia, Visite's  Grandmother  is blind.  Her husband brought her to Uganda from the Congo when she started going blind in 2011.  He was hoping to find a traditional doctor to care for her.    She has never seen a doctor and is totally blind now.  They left everything they own in the Congo, they live in a tiny storage room.  Allonysia (her husband) works on other peoples farms and is paid by crops.  They pay
$2.00 a month to live in the storage room.  He does not earn that much in a month so it is difficult for them to pay their rent.  He works from sun up to sun down.  
My commitment to them.
  • Viste would not need to walk 2.5 hours to school any more we will provide transportation.
  • We would provide their monthly rent
  • Vinancia would be brought to a doctor to have her blindness evaluated.
Angel-her  guardian is Thomas.   Thomas he was reading the Bible when we arrived.
He was born in the village and has 9 children.  Most of his children are adults but all of his brothers and sisters have died.  He is caring for all of their children.  Angel is one of his sisters children.  Angel is deaf, at the age of 3 she spilled boiling porridge on her neck, it became infected (scare tissue very visible) Thomas said around the same time Angel started loosing her hearing.  He thinks it is connected but could never afford to take her to the doctor.
Thomas dream is that all the children he cares for receive a full education and know God.
He grows coffee, cassava ,sweet potatoes for food and sale.   But it is the dry season so the gardens were barren they had no food.
My commitment to Thomas
  • We would take Angel to a doctor for evaluation.
My heart is breaking as I write, I need to stop I will continue tomorrow.  

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

January 2014 update

Christian Mission Academy
January   2014

At the School
The month of January is a vacation month for the Children. During the month we hire 2 new teachers.  A new third grade teacher to replace Esther she will transition into a new role overseeing all the children’s health and attendance at school. 

The 7th grade class received their results.  15 out of 22 passed and will now be attending secondary school!  30 students in Middle school.
We are going to follow up with the children that did not pass to find out if they are going to try again or if they want to do a trade
In 2008 no child at the school had completed 7th grade.  In 2010 we had our first graduating class of 3 students.  Next year they will be ready for senior 2!   

402  children in pre-k  through 6th grade.  62% of the children passed.

Health Care
Farouq had his follow up appointment.  Praise God no surgery needed.  Prayers that is bones will begin to grow to accommodate his organs.  The day he had his final appointment he asked to call me.  Calls from Uganda are not cheap.   “Thank you Mom Sandy for loving me”    “I love you”  Made my day!
John  a young second grader  was brought to the hospital for an infection in his chest.
Both thought they had hernias because of the pain.

Immaculate top class had a severe case of Malaria over the vacation.  She had one of the worst cases treated at Show Mercy.  Immaculate would not be alive without  having access to free treatment

Viste –pre kindergarten  his guardian was treated at Show Mercy.  It was through Show Mercy that we learned Vistes guardian is blind.  I will visit their home to find out how we can help.
Praise God for our partnership with Show Mercy Immaculate my have died without their care.

Bore hole construction
The hardest part of managing this project was getting the  money to the team in Uganda.

February Visit.
My niece Katie and I will be leaving on the 13th of February.  Katie will be observing and teaching the Pre-k and kindergarten classes.  I am going to be interviewing all of the sponsored children.
I am so excited about this trip!  It is a real blessing not to wait an entire year to see the children again  This trip would not have been possible without the many generous donations!  

Loving a Village One Child at Time!
Sandra Gannon on Face book
@Gannon_sandra  twitter

Saturday, February 1, 2014


I can't believe it is already February!  
  • The teachers returned to school this past  Monday, 2 new teachers  were hired
  • The bore hole construction started this past Friday
  • The kids return on Monday!
  • Katie and I leave on the 13th 
We will be providing a bowl for every child.  Donations still needed (no child should have to eat out of dirty plastic bag)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Teachers Pay

I am sending the monthly salaries for the teachers at the Christian Mission Academy. I usually just look a the bottom line and it is intimidating to me.
( to raise their salaries every month) ~$900 per month just for the teachers salary. Today I looked at each line item.
Madam Nakifuro cooks for 400 children every day over a camp fire. She is paid the equivalent of $29.00 per month. A little more than $1.00 per day.
The Pre-School and Kindergarten teachers makes $59.00 per month. No assistant and more than 50 children per class.
The top paid teacher at the school is $112 per month.
2 years ago we double their salaries and they were so grateful.
My 2014 goal is to double their salaries again. SPONSORSHIP!!!! Sponsor a child - It pays their school fees which pays the teachers salaries and feed 400 children porridge every day.

Loving a Village One Child at a Time!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Second Week in January

The funds for the well were finally transferred!  Many thanks to Steve Cushing for making it happen, it  was not an easy task!
The well construction will start on Monday!

The teachers will be returning to school on January 27th,  to begin preparing for the students return.   We were planning on hiring 3 more teachers.  A 3rd grade teacher to replace Esther, Esther will move into a new role an English teacher and Science teacher. English and Science as have been identified as a weakness in our students when they get to middle school.
3rd Grade teacher hired!
Farouq's surgery was cancelled, due to bone deformation which is crushing his organs and causing swelling. The good news is all his organs tested normal.   He is  first being treated for a cough and  then will start another prescription regiment, to help bone growth to alleviate the pain caused by the crushing.

Farouq is 16 years old 4' 10 inches tall and weighs 30 pounds.  He is in the 5th grade.  This young boy has battled health issues his entire life.  In 2010 when I first met him he could barely breath, he was very close to death from spinal tb. Yet he attempted to go to school every day.  Other students at the school would take turns carrying him. Many days he would be so weak they would have to carry him home in the middle of the day.
In every picture I have received  and every  time I visit this young boy is smiling.  His suffering never shows in his face or in his action,  he is always grateful and praising God for the goodness in his life.