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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Count Down 19 days

19 days until we leave.  I am looking forward to this adventures so much  I am going to introduce Julie and Matt to our second family.  At least 198 families in Bakka and 15 - 20 friends and family in Makindye. 
19 days will go by in a flash!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

20 days until we leave!

Sponsors- please send your gifts   to me by the first week in June.(If you are sending one)  It helps me to plan our packing.
We will be bringing ( 8) 50 pound totes.

We are covered for our shots, Julie and Matt will be getting their shots this Friday.  Thank you to everyone that helped!

Many people ask what is needed.  Every trip we visit homes I like to bring a gift with me when I go.
I bring a reusable shopping bags and soap.  I usually spend about $20.00 per day on soap.  Donations to help with that would be wonderful.
We give out lollopops to all the kids every day.  The cost is about $10.00 - $20.00 per day.
It is much easier and more cost effective to purchase the soap and lollipops in Uganda.  They are cheaper there and they take too much space to bring with us.

Many kids ask for mattresses, blankets the cost is about $25.00 each.
Mosquito nets about $12.00 a piece
Bikes- $80 - $110 depending on the size of the child.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Why Uganda? Why not the USA? I need to rant.....

I am often asked "Why Uganda?  Why not children in the US?"    My answer,  I volunteer for agencies in the USA for children in the USA.  Yes there is a need.  Why are our children living in Hotels????  Why are our children Hungry?  We are a rich nation!!!  Why  is there such a great need.
 Really why are these children and families disposable?  Why are mentally ill patients looked down on?  IF the disease they were battling were cancer or many other terminal diseases they would not be looked down on.  UGGGG  if you are asking me why Uganda and not the USA are you working to making a change in the USA?   Don't judge me or my calling if you are doing nothing!  

 BUT as much need as our children and families in the US have ( and they are great!!!!)  I have NEVER seen children and families living in conditions that we would not tolerate for our animals.  That is the condition that every child, every family in Bakka lives in. Mud huts falling down, never enough food, walking for 3 hours for water.  The need of these precious children is overwhelming they are valued less by our world then our  USA trash.  In their own culture they are rarely referred to by name. Their own culture views them as replaceable.  Every child born into this world is a gift from God our Father in Heaven.  Every Child should be called by name!!!  Every child should know they were perfectly created by their Heavenly Father and He calls them by NAME!  Not just the rich privileged children ALL CHILDREN!!!
God called me to be the representative of the children of Bakka!  That is why my work is primarily in  Uganda and not the USA.  BUT disposable children and families in the USA break my heart  because in the richest country in the world there should be NO DISPOSABLE children or families.

I beg you do not question my calling from God!    But ask God where is he calling you, he needs all hands on deck NOW!
End of rant.  :)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Kisoboka Academy

The second semester begins on Monday May 18th.  It is with great joy that I announce that we are now operating New Bakka Junior and the name will be changed to Kisoboka Academy!  The children all reported how happy they are at this school.  The owner and Kisoboka have the same vision for the children of Bakka, the partnership is perfect!

Children will still be encourage to attend the school closest to their homes!  It is important that the children's commute to school is as easy as possible!  Parents are still allowed to select the school they want their children to attend!

I am looking forward to our visit which is a month away!  We will be visiting the schools we are supporting and the families identified with the greatest need.  My son and daughter will be coming with me!
KISOBOKA!  With God all things are possible!!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

The first semester is ending

 The year began very rocky with many challenges.  We are now allowing parents/guardians to select the school their child is attending.
This has been a blessing to many many families.  We were never able to get a bus or van to pick up children that lived a long distance from Christian Friends Academy.  These children are now attending schools closer to their homes. Praise GOD!  It broke my heart that so many young children were walking to school for 3 hours or more!
In February I visited our new partner schools and met with the head masters, I was impressed.   Our partnership at New Bakka is so strong we were requested to manage the school. At the beginning of the next term Kisoboka will be running New Bakka.  Hope and Paddy will be the Directors of the school.     I am so proud of these two young men and the way they love and care so deeply for the children and families of Bakka.

I need to recognize Hope and Paddy and the marvelous service they do for Kisoboka.
  • Coordinate the sponsorship program gathering and providing me with information on more than 200 children in 5 different schools.
  • They coordinate family feeding for 12 families  suffering from health issues.
  • Finding and renting homes for homeless families.
  • Helping to find lost children.
  • Coordinating the Village De-worming
  • Coordinating the Children's Easter Celebration
  •  Picking up sick children from boarding school and getting them to the hospital.
  • Managing continuous daily care for a small disabled child.
  • Identifying small business opportunities and making sure the person requesting can be successful
  • Purchasing and distributing goats.  
  • Following up on the goats and hogs to make sure the project is successfull
  • Answering all my questions (they are endless)
They do so much more these are just the highlights. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Kisoboka - Easter Celebration

Kisoboka held a wonderful Easter Celebration, children from 4 different schools attended.
 It was a day filled with JOY and celebration.
The sermon on the death and resurrection of Our Lord and Savior was given by Paddy.  The children danced and we had Bible memory verse contests. The secondary students all helped serve and care for the younger children 
The day ended with a special meal of rice, sauce and meat, and the treats of soda, lollipops and cake.  A very special day for all the children.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Guardian angels


Guardian angels for sale $12.00. (Includes, tax and shipping)
Mosquito nets cost ~ $10.00 in Uganda.  We will use proceeds from the sale of guardian angels to purchase nets for children and families in need.   
Click on the donate button to purchase via paypal, please make sure to indicate purchasing angel and include your shipping address.