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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

End of Year Celebration!

All the children  that attend Kisoboka Academy will be going on the field trip!
The school year ends on December 4th with Speach Day
December 9th the Nursery- 3rd grade will be going to the Entebee zoo
December 11th the 4th grade- 7th grade will be going on a cultural tour to 3 museums in Kampala!
December 18th will be the childrens Christmas service and special meal!

This would not be possible without the very generous donations from so many people.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for Loving the Village of Bakka One Child at a Time!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Kisoboka Academy - School information

Kisoboka Academy - School  information
338 students attend 
74 students dads are dead
47 students moms are dead
30 students both parents are dead
4 students parents abandoned them
Several families/students are suffering with HIV

Average education of the children's parents 4th grade

109 students attending the school are sponsored.  Goal by the end of 2016 for every child to have a sponsor.  Please consider sponsoring a child.  Only through education can they be lifted out of extreme  poverty.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Entebbe Zoo and Cultural Centers!

We are planning 2 field trips early December.     The field trips will  bring awareness to a world outside the village.  They empower the children to dream bigger and aim higher.
3 years ago, on the field trip many students saw stairs for the first time.

Nursery students to grade 3 will go to Entebbe Zoo - cost  per child  $10.00 (180 students)

Grade 4 - Grade 7 will go to the following cultural centers.  cost per child  $10.00 (140 students)
  •   Kings palace 
  •  Kasubi tomb
  •  Uganda museum
The cost includes the buses. breakfast and lunch, entrance into the Zoo, cultural centers and the guides.

Please consider making a donation to help fund the field trip for a child, making  the trip a possibility.  KISOBOKA!

Kisoboka!! Kisoboka!! Kisoboka!!

This poem was written by one of the 7th grade students at Kisoboka Academy. It was recited to us by a group of students at the assembly.
Kisoboka!! Kisoboka!! Kisoboka!!
A community charitable organization in Bakka. Helping the poor, the needy, the disabled and the sick.
But what a mess our this planet earth?
Kisoboka faced challenges that left everyone in vein.
A challenge of corruption, water, education, medication, etc.
But now Kisoboka has achieved and Bakka is transforming.

Amongst it's aims are,
To provide quality education to measure to the national standards.
Empowering the Bakkan people to break free from the chains of poverty, also empowering the Bakkan people believe in religion that "God our father accepts us pure and faultless" "That is to say to look after orphans and widows in their distress." Biblically quoted from the book of James1:27
Kisoboka means that it is possible!
Kisoboka!! Kisoboka!! Kisoboka!!
It has done more good than harm by, working towards breaking the cycle of poverty through, supporting education, industries, community projects, job training and small business support.
Our sponsors like Mr. Todd Klipp, the president of Kisoboka and our lovely Ambassadors, you are really caring, merciful, compassionate, loving and spiritually transformed.
Who are we to receive such a blessing?
"Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible but with God. all things are possible. Matthew 19:26
Long live Kisoboka
Long live our sponsors

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Bakka- 2 more wells ( bore holes)

In June our job was to determine where bore holes should be placed for future building.
Our God is so amazing we have completed the 3rd well providing fresh clean water  in the zone of Kimogo/ Konjojie last week and are in the process of completing the 4th one in zone of  Bujukko/ Musabba! 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Bakka in a month

In one month, I will be leaving for my 10th visit to Uganda since 2008.  I love the people of Bakka with all of my heart and I am looking forward to seeing them.

In June  our mission was to identify potential bore hole sites.  We visited 4 site the land was donated to Kisoboka.  This week we will be completing the 3rd bore hole in the village in the zone of Kongojie  and starting the 4th in the zone of Bujukko!  Praise God for this Amazing Blessing!

This October our focus is Education improvement. (22) seventh grade students are sleeping on a cement floor.  The students are studying day and night praying they pass the high school entrance exam.
Goal is  to raise fund for $1,200.00 for  12 double beds for the children to sleep on! We have a donation for 1 only 11 more needed.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The seeds have been planted the harvest is coming!!!

My prayer this weekend, Lord I have been planting seeds, when will there be a harvest!

 God gently pointed the Harvest is happening and it will multiply 10times!    It is dream come true! When I started the sponsorship program in 2009, my dream was to educate and train the children of Bakka, enabling them to provide for themselves.
The village average education is 4th grade.  A few parent/ guardians attended first year of High School, none had graduated.  Most reported they did not have the school fees to attend.

2015 The Harvest!
 Our first sponsored children is now an auto mechanic, earning enough money to provide for himself, while he continues training! He never dreamed of the possibility he was not a good student.  When he failed the high school entrance exam he thought he was nothing. We offered the opportunity to provide him with training.  He picked mechanics.   He is now celebrating his skills and his ability to earn a living.  Making his dream a reality cost $2,000 over 6 years 2009- 2015   His primary education – 3rd through 7th grade and 2 years of mechanic training.

Our first candidate for College.  Peter and his grandmother still can't believe it is a possibility!  They are so grateful! Peter is studying very hard and dreaming very BIG!

Kisoboka is supporting 50 students in high school. They already have more education than most parents and guardians in the village!  They are dreaming of becoming lawyers, doctors, nurses, accountant, pilots, drivers and so much more!

Kisoboka has  (27) 7th graders preparing to take the High School entrance exam in November. These children are living at school and studying day, night and weekend without break.  The test they have to take is a government test. The schools in the Village do not have the supplies or resources to provide the standard of education the children will be tested at.  I can't imagine the stress!

2016 our High School students will grow to (77) students.

This is an amazing harvest praise God from whom all blessings flow.   
I am continuing to pray for a harvest of Sponsors one for every child. When this happens we will be able to exceed the Government requirement.