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Monday, January 19, 2015

Family #3 Betty 12 years old

A very fragmented family.
Betty is 12 years old in the 7th grade.  She lives with her uncle.  Betty was a twin, her twin sister and both her parents died, when Betty was  very young.  She does not remember what caused their death.

Betty told me she has another sister,  Nasozi Flavia  in the 4th grade.   Her sister Flavia is living with another family. 

Betty dreams of becoming a Nurse, she wants to heal the sick and prevent death.

Friday, January 9, 2015

The year of the family Week #2 Pastor Deo

Pastor Ssalongo Deo 32 years old,  a very  humble man born in Bakka, married in Bakka and lives in Bakka.  He did work in Kampala for a shot time in his life, his job  in Kampala allowed him to support his family.   God called him to minister in Bakka.
Pastor Deo has one wife Nalongo Teddy, together they had 6 children, I say had, early 2013,  Samuel their 11 year old son passed away from malaria.  Pastor Deo and his wife could not afford to pay for the malaria treatment.  Malaria treatment ranges between $5.00 and $11.00.  A very sad unnecessary death.
His remaining children, Winnie is in Senior High entering the 10th grade,  Rita,  Anocka, and twin girls Babyira Edith and Nakato Rachel.  (All available for sponsorship.)
The Church Pastor Deo serves is called Grace Power of Jesus Church.  He ministers to the elderly, the orphaned, the widows and the handicapped. It is a very humble position and does not provide  support for his family.
During our  October  visit it was identified  Carolyn needed help with Daniel's care.   Pastor Deo immediately arrange for members of his church to help Carolyn.  The support from the church has been amazing, one of the members cared for Prayer,  Carolyn's young daughter for 3 weeks while Carolyn and Daniel were both hospitalized.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

I never dreamed

In 2008 my first visit to the village there were 78 students at the school, hungry and diseased filled. My heart broke, I felt God's pain. The school had no children in the 7th grade and none of the children knew how to dream.   I made a promise to God,   I will work everyday of my life to help these children.   I have faithfully kept this promise! 
I never dreamed 
How much JOY this promise would bring to me personally.

Kisoboka is now  supporting 50 Students in High School! 
22 Students graduating from the 7th grade and going into High School.
26 Students already in High School
2 Students are graduating from Senior 1 and will be going into Senior 2. 

In 2 more years we may have our first  college students!

Until 2010, NO child had ever graduated from Christian Friends Academy.

 God has an amazing plan and I am very excited to be part of this amazing adventure!!!

Kisoboka!  - It is POSSIBLE

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Slide show and 2014 slide show posted

I posted all the Christmas Pictures
and Highlights from 2014 on my blog.
Check it out,  :)

Monday, December 29, 2014

Kisoboka The Year of the Family- Week # 1 Thomas

There are 52 weeks in the year.  My new years resolution; every week tell the story of one of my families in the village of Bakka.  Yes I am very excited and starting early!!!

In 2010 Cathy  was sponsored,  her school fees were now  paid. During my visited in 2010, I visited her home and met Thomas, Cathy's grandfather  I gave him 20,000 shillings, which is about $9.00. I was touched by  how thankful Thomas was for this very small gift. It is not uncommon for women or children to kneel down in appreciation. Thomas is the only man that has ever kneel to me.  (just for the record I don't feel comfortable with anyone kneeling to me) I was a very humble by this hard working man.

2011 as part of the life changing gifts Cathy received a goat.

During our visit in 2012,  Pastor Chris, Katie and I were visiting Justine's home.  Thomas heard we were in the village and made a point of finding us.  He wanted to thank us for providing Cathy with a goat and let us know they now had 3 goats, plus had sold one for food.

In 2013, I was becoming more familiar with all the students attending the school.  Hope and Paddy provided me with the parent /guardian's name for every student.  Reviewing the data  there were several children that listed their guardian as Uncle Tom.   My experience in the village is not all Uncles have good intentions for the children they are caring for.  So I wanted to meet Uncle Tom.  I was not aware that I had already met Thomas, in the past.
When we arrived at Thomas's home  late in the afternoon he was sitting reading the Bible.
It was then during that visit I sat down and  learned about Thomas and how truly amazing he is.

Thomas is in his early 50's he grew up in Bakka with 10 siblings.  All his siblings but 2 have diseased, he is caring for their children and their grandchildren plus his own children and grandchildren.  In total he is caring for 9 children.
During our visit I asked Thomas what is your biggest dream!  Without any hesitation he said for all the children to  fear God and receive an education.
I follow the travel clinic nurses instructions completely,  Thomas is the only place where I ate an exotic nut that I had never seen or heard of before.  It  was  not boiled like the travel clinic doctor says everything we eat should be, but it was very good.  

Angel is one of the children Thomas  is caring for, Angel is deaf. Thomas explained when she was 3 she spilled hot porridge on her neck.  They could not afford to take her to the doctor  they treated her traditionally her neck became infected.  Shortly after that she lost her hearing.  She had never seen a doctor. We have followed up by bringing Angel to see a specialist and her hearing has improved slightly.

This year when we approached Thomas to ask what business he would like to be supported in.  His response,  I need to be home with my children.  I can't leave them,  I tend the land and care for animals. Providing more animals was his request.
The fall of 2014 Thomas was provided with 2 meat goats and 2 milk goats.  Now he has 6 goats.

 Who are the we in the story.
Hope Kaliballa - Chairman of the Board of Kisoboka- On the ground in Uganda making it all happen.
Paddy Walikira- Financial Secratrary of Kisoboka- On the ground in Uganda making it all happen.
Esther Bulungi- Community Mobilizer of Kisoboka- On the ground in Uganda making it all happen.
Sandy Gannon - USA Board member Kisoboka- the village voice in the US
Sponsors and supporters of the project without their love prayers and  support Kisoboka would not exist!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Kisoboka 2015 WOW!

GOD always thinks way bigger than we do!  
Today while walking and praying,  I found a dime. God's way of telling me he is going to multiply Kisoboka 10'X.  I found the dime and laughed with complete JOY!    Then a little later in the morning at the church  I was still praying while setting up  the poinsettias for the service tomorrow.   I went down to the basement which is not usually very bright, there were rainbows everywhere.  I laughed again, GOD's promise was everywhere I looked, on the walls, the floor, cabinets, curtains, and doors.  Bright  rainbows they looked like stickers or paint and they were everywhere.    God has an amazing plan for 2015 and I say "GOD,  HERE I AM, USE ME!"

2015-  Support has already come in for the following list
  • Finishing up the Beauty Salon
  • Several Families receiving Goats
  • 2 new businesses funded
  • Several more sponsored children will  receive bikes!
  • 22 Students funded for secondary school
  • 2 more students funded to learn a trade.
  • My 8th mission trip planned and payed for!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day- Random thoughts

Christmas the Birth of Our Savior.  The candle light service lead by Pastor Chris Haydon, last night was thought provoking.   Our world is broken,  innocent children are being killed, not unlike around the time of Jesus birth.  Innocent people are starving.  Innocent people are caught  in the darkness of being stereo typed.
It  all so overwhelming!  What can we do to stop it? 

 I think of Mary and her strength,  and faith.  When she was  told she would bear a child Our Lord and Savior,  she was  not more than and child herself, not married  and a virgin.  She responded
" May it be  done unto to me as you have said" .  She was risking scandal and charges that could lead her to death by stoning.  She declared she was the Lords Bond Servant.

If we all lived with faith that Mary had,  God could use us to change the world.  God has a plan for each and everyone of us.  May we all choose to be his bond servant where ever we are called.

God does not call the qualified he calls the weak, the broken and the unskilled so the world can see the great work he can do if we rely completely on him. 
 He can do a great work through every single one of us if we give ourselves completely to him.  If we are not afraid of being stoned, ostracized, homeless, broken, broke, or  judged.  He calls us all down the very narrow path and it is never the safe path,it is never the secure path!

My very  favorite Christmas Carol "Mary Did You Know"  The angel told her she was giving birth to the most high, how much of what she was being asked to do did she comprehend .
What amazing  faith she had! 

2015 - My prayer  God - I am your bond servant use me as you need me in this broken world!  I will not be afraid for I know you are with me