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Friday, August 22, 2014

Experience Uganda - September 13th

Saturday September 13th (2) opportunities to  
Experience Uganda
12:00 -2:30 
6:00 - 8:30

Come experience the beauty and love of Uganda.  It is amazing how powerful the LOVE OF GOD is in this poverty stricken village. The people of Uganda are resourceful.   Come and see what they make from sticks,  leaves and mud. See the toys the children play with, the mats they sleep on.     Hear the joy of their music and the power of their dance.   Experince a special meal the children have every Easter and Christmas

 I am deeply humbled every time I  visit.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Sandy!! May the Lord bless your ministry, and bring you into a realm of supernatural abundance as you provide for these children. Looking forward to the event on 9/13!
Charity Bigaruka

Doreen Akoth said...

Great work Sandy.
I am glad that God handpicked you to Uganda and provided that is needed to live here.
Doreen Akoth